Age: 17
Age at T1D diagnosis: 8

Hannah enjoys participating in cross country and track and field not only from an athletics perspective, but also a T1D advocacy perspective. “Through participating in these sports, I have been able to spread awareness about T1D to my peers. My teammates have learned all about it by watching me check my blood sugar, run with my insulin pump and treat my lows.” In addition to sports and being an honor student, Hannah has been very active with JDRF by raising $75,000 with her JDRF One Walk team throughout the years, speaking at Galas and acting as a mentor for kids who have recently been diagnosed with T1D. Hannah is excited to bring her knack for spreading T1D awareness to Children’s Congress.


“Charlotte-area teens raising awareness about diabetes are heading to Washington, D.C.,” WCNC, June 12, 2019