When Gus was diagnosed at age six, he thought getting diabetes was just part of growing up, like losing baby teeth. That’s because his older brother, Hugo, already had it. Over time, Gus has learned a lot about diabetes, from managing it and making healthy choices, to the importance of educating others. He and his brother taught all of the health classes at their school about diabetes, explaining the difference between type 1 and type 2, and stressing the importance for everyone to make healthy choices. They plan to make a movie about type 1 to share with their classmates, too. The brothers also helped their school nurse put together a diabetes walk at their school.

Gus says that although he wishes eating right and exercising would cure type 1, he knows that he can make a difference by working hard to raise money for scientists, and encouraging Congress to help. A straight-A student, Gus enjoys building with Legos, drawing comic strips, taking care of his box turtle (named Toby), downhill ski racing, Nordic skiing, and playing lacrosse.