Age: 15
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Ethan’s outreach involves speaking to groups, large and small, about his T1D—and he is a gifted speaker. “When you live every day with something like type 1 diabetes, you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to describe it. It’s just part of life, and I love talking to people about it because I think each time I do it, we might get closer to the cure.” Ethan speaks with newly diagnosed kids and in front of groups, such as at corporate events and JDRF Galas, about what T1D means to him.

In addition to being an advocate for research and participating in oratory contests, he enjoys playing in the marching band, running, and playing tennis. His long-term goals are very specific: to graduate from Clemson University with a focus on medical science or engineering.