Age: 14
Age at T1D diagnosis: 11

Erica was a T1D advocate even before she received her own diagnosis. As a child, she participated in a JDRF Walk with her dad’s office. When a family friend was diagnosed, Erica raised money and participated in another Walk. After her own diagnosis, Erica organized her own Walk team. She’s been working nonstop ever since.

Erica started a Dimes for Diabetes program at her school, worked at the JDRF booth at the 2012 Spokane Diabetes Fair, and even sat on a children’s panel to discuss T1D with recently diagnosed kids. Awarded the Spokane Chase Youth Award for Personal Achievement and the Female Student of the Year distinction at her school, Erica loves sports and participating in the honor society. Her philosophy is simple: “I succeed because I manage my T1D and don’t let it manage me.”