Age: 4
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

Emmie hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up, but she has narrowed down her choices. “I want to be a doctor … or a princess.” Emmie has had T1D since age two and wears a pink insulin pump. She can even explain to others why she needs to wear it. Emmie’s mom, Kathlin, has had T1D herself since age seven. “Being so close to finding a cure gives us hope that she may be the one of us to get to live a life free of needles, blood-sugar monitoring, and potential complications,” Kathlin says. “She has her whole life ahead of her.”

Emmie has stood on a stage before a crowd of 200 to encourage donations at her chapter’s Hope Gala. She loves swimming, art, and telling knock-knock jokes, and plays the drums and the harmonica.