Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

Deven is a girl of many talents. When she’s not playing the flute, singing in chorus, drawing, or spiking a volleyball, she is working with her twin sister, Jaden, on the many fundraising events they put together to benefit JDRF.

After Jaden was diagnosed with T1D nine years ago, Deven participated in clinical trials aimed at learning more about T1D and how we might eventually prevent it. Deven was diagnosed with T1D this spring. Just as she has always supported Jaden, she knows she’ll have her sister’s support in learning how to manage the disease. She looks forward to joining Jaden on Capitol Hill to speak up for the T1D community. As their mom says, “I’ve already seen a huge difference in the girls. A bond stronger than before.”

To view Deven’s JDRF Children’s Congress video she filmed with her twin sister Jaden, also a 2013 delegate, please click below: