Age: 15
Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

Cheyenne was diagnosed with T1D shortly after someone else very important in her life—her father was diagnosed. T1D fundraising and advocacy is a family affair for them, as they’ve become huge supporters of T1D research over the past decade. Although she is sometimes frustrated by the extra work that goes into caring for her T1D, Cheyenne has a very impressive approach. “I have realized that to stay on top of my responsibilities, I have to accept that I cannot run from them, but instead take it as it is and remember that it is only benefiting me.” She loves drawing, writing, practicing her video editing skills and is currently learning to speak Korean. Cheyenne is excited to advocate for everyone with T1D this summer at Children’s Congress.


“Two Shelby County students selected to attend Children’s Congress for JDRF research,” Shelby Country Reporter, September 3, 2019