One day, Brody’s mom told him, “You are just like Luke Skywalker! You have The Force inside you and you can use it to get through your site changes.” Brody took those words to heart, and used them to find bravery in the face of diabetes’ challenges. Although it’s not always easy to stay brave, Brody, who was diagnosed at age four, is doing his best with strong support from his family. His mom, a nurse, engaged the support of the hospital where she works to sponsor JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes.

As a delegate, Brody wants to help Congress understand what living with diabetes is like. Brody enjoys swimming, soccer, video games, reading, and watching movies. He would like to play baseball and join a swim team when he gets older, and is excited to learn and to do “big kids homework” now that he’s in kindergarten.