Age: 16
Age at T1D diagnosis: 14

Brandon shows up every day—literally. This honors student has never missed a day of school or arrived late for class. He shows up for his T1D, too, by taking care of his health and being an advocate for T1D research funding. “Though living with type 1 diabetes has been at times hard, annoying, and frustrating, it has really helped me grow as a person. Type 1 diabetes has required me to take complete and constant responsibility for my health.”

Brandon and his friends founded a group called Living on Insulin to raise money for JDRF. They designed and sold bracelets imprinted with their catchy slogan, “Dia-Beat-This,” to raise more than $3,500 for the organization. Brandon enjoys playing varsity soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and golf, and hopes to become a sports agent.