Age: 17
Age at T1D diagnosis: 11

Arianna is not defined by her diabetes: after being told she could not be an astronaut, she got accepted into space camp. She has dedicated a great amount of time and effort to T1D awareness and fundraising through participating in JDRF events including meeting with Senator Menendez and Congressman Frelinghuysen. Additionally, she earned the Girl Scouts Silver Award by creating folders with resources relating to diabetes and giving them to newly diagnosed patients. Arianna is a Governor’s STEM Scholar and honors student, and her extracurriculars include HOSA, Red Cross Club, Key Club and tennis. After her diagnosis she gained a strong interest in healthcare and plans on getting a degree in biomedical engineering. Arianna looks forward to being part of Children’s Congress.


“2 Randolph Teens to Represent N.J. at JDRF 2019 Children’s Congress,” Randolph News Online, June 3, 2019