Age: 8
Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

Pax means “peace” in Latin, and that’s just what Anya’s service dog, Pax, a Red Merle Australian shepherd, brings her. The two go everywhere together, from church and choir to the doctor’s office, movie theater, and restaurants. “He is a great friend. He lets me know when my blood sugar is low, just like my continuous glucose monitor did, but he doesn’t get confused, and I don’t have to have another port in my body anymore!” Anya is not only grateful for her T1D care, but also thrilled about finding a cure. “The thoughts of what it could be like if they find a cure for type 1 diabetes seem so much fun. I am really really excited, and I can’t wait!”

Anya attends Camp Kudos, a T1D camp, and also enjoys tae kwon do, theater, choir, and collecting dolls.