Age: 12
Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

When Andrew was diagnosed with T1D at age three, he knew he had to be very brave in order to live well the disease. Andrew isn’t just brave, he plans to be a hero for the T1D community someday. When he is older, Andrew is interested in becoming a history professor, holding public office or even becoming a medical researcher. Andrew’s family is very involved with T1D research; his twin sister is involved with TrialNet and his dad built him one of the very first hybrid closed loop artificial pancreas systems. Andrew says, “I would like to be known one day for finding a cure or making life with T1D easier for many of my cousins and friends who have to live with it every single day.”


“Local 12-Year-Old Advocates for Diabetes Research to US Congress,” San Diego 7, June 10, 2019