Age: 6
Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

“Diabetes is all I know,” says six-year-old Addison. Diagnosed when she was just three, Addison is already an advocate for the importance of T1D research. Last fall, she met her local Congressman, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to advocate for T1D research support. She and her mother also spoke to her class to answer questions about living with T1D and Addison’s insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. Addison and her family are regular participants in the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter’s JDRF One Walk event. One of Addison’s brothers is participating in an oral insulin trial after being identified as high-risk for developing T1D. “I really want to help raise awareness because of my brother,” says Addison. “My mom and dad are worried, but I tell them it’s okay. He is tough like me.”


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