Abigail was 18 months old when she was diagnosed. Her father, an active duty captain in the Air Force, was deployed to Pakistan at the time, and was devastated that he couldn’t be at the hospital with his daughter and wife. Abigail’s mother was an active duty nurse in the Air Force, but resigned in order to care for Abigail full-time. “This was a hardship financially, but she is worth every penny,” she says. The Davis family has been involved with JDRF since Abigail’s diagnosis. Every year, the team “Abby’s Answer” participates in the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Abigail’s mother served on the Board of Directors for the South Central Texas Chapter, and is going to graduate school to become a Diabetic Clinical Nurse Specialist. She says of Abigail: “She is the bravest little girl in the world to fight this disease without complaint day after day. She is incredible.”