2019 Delegates from West Virginia



Age: 11 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Emerson refuses to let T1D block him from doing the things he loves, which include playing lacrosse, hiking, participating in Boy Scouts and running warrior dash races, all while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average. Emerson has participated in JDRF One Walk events, and has done an impressive […]

2017 Delegates from West Virginia



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 6 Annelies may only be in high school, but she’s already taking college classes. As a member of the Upward Bound program, she started taking college courses when she was only fourteen. Since her diagnosis in 2008, Annelies has taken control of her T1D and gotten involved with JDRF […]

2015 Delegates from West Virginia



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 7 months Noelle is an active athlete, choir member and a fervent advocate. Her experience on a competitive travel soccer team has taught her skills beyond those needed on the field: “I am the goalkeeper, a position that requires courage, strength, agility and the ability to direct my teammates […]

2013 Delegates from West Virginia



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 10 With a unique outlook on his disease, Adam shares his T1D experience with all who will listen. “Being outgoing is my way of spreading awareness of the effects of type 1 diabetes, and I am never embarrassed to answer a serious question. I view this disease not as […]



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Molly’s favorite place to be is in the kitchen, cooking and baking, and one day, she hopes to be a professional chef. But ingredients are not the only things she’s mixing these days. This busy 12-year-old loves to try as many different activities as she can, from arts […]