2019 Delegates from North Dakota



Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 13 Danika is determined to make a difference. Danika loves giving back to her community through service projects with her school’s student council, which she has been elected to every year of high school. She has grown up knowing that it is important to help others, and that no […]

2017 Delegates from North Dakota



Age: 10 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 Addison likes to figure skate, swim and play the violin. She wants to be an eye doctor when she grows up. Addison says, “I’m lucky because I have friends that don’t treat me different because I’m diabetic. They have always helped me and learned about diabetes.” Addison and […]

2015 Delegates from North Dakota



Age: 10 Age at T1D diagnosis: 6 Annelise’s enthusiasm is downright contagious. “A cure would affect my life and my family’s lives so much!” she says. “I’ve gotten 6,376 shots and 4,832 finger pokes, and if a cure would take that number down, that would be awesome!” She’s doing her part to work toward a […]

2013 Delegates from North Dakota



Age: 8 Age at T1D diagnosis: 5 Having T1D hasn’t been child’s play for TJ and his two older sisters, who all have the disease. But thanks to research and technological developments, TJ, who also has celiac disease, uses a pump. “My sister Tylie said that when she was my age, she still had to […]



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 Growing up, Taya shared more than the toys and snacks that most kids split with their siblings. Taya, her brother, and her sister all share a T1D diagnosis. “Living with type 1 diabetes was pretty hard on my family at first, but we have learned to live with […]



Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 Tylie was the first of her siblings to receive a T1D diagnosis. Of the four kids in her family, three have the disease today. Despite her family’s daily struggle, Tylie maintains hope for a cure. “I know that no matter how well I take care of myself, type […]