2019 Delegates from Nevada



Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 10 Though Ashby was diagnosed with T1D in 2015, she and her family were no strangers to the disease, as her grandmother, great-grandmother, two uncles and cousin all have T1D. Even before her diagnosis, Ashby had donated to JDRF One Walks, so when she was diagnosed just before her […]



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Charley claims she is an ordinary teenage girl, but her attitude toward living with T1D makes her quite extraordinary. Since she was diagnosed with T1D in 2014 at the age of eight, she has known that living with T1D does not define her, and that if she controls […]

2017 Delegates from Nevada



Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 As one half of ‘Two Against 1,’ a fundraising team of siblings with T1D, fifteen-year-old Erick is a busy young man. Diagnosed in 2011, Erick was a volunteer at this year’s local JDRF Gala and a participant with his dad in the Tucson JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 12 After Logan was diagnosed with T1D, he wondered if he would have to give up his favorite activities. But when he learned his lacrosse coach also had T1D, he realized it wouldn’t have to slow him down. Thanks to diabetes technology, Logan has a full schedule of sports, […]



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 10 Like her older brother, Erick, Oaklie is passionate about helping JDRF find a cure for T1D. A JDRF Youth Ambassador and JDRF speaker, Oaklie has spoken about her life with T1D to her church congregation, appeared on the ‘American Diabetes Hour’ live radio show, and often finds herself […]

2015 Delegates from Nevada



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Blake’s passions are diverse: playing classic rock on his guitar (Metallica, the Beatles and Oingo Boingo are among his favorite bands), collecting new, rare and vintage Transformers toys, robotics and 3D modeling clubs. He takes an active role when it comes to T1D awareness, raising more than $47,000 […]



Age: 5 Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 months When Juno was 11 months old, she was the youngest person in the state of Nevada with T1D. Now, a confident kindergartener, Juno has some big dreams. “When I grow up, I want to go see lots of new places and meet new friends,” she shares. “I […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 1 Honor roll student and JDRF Speakers Bureau member Kendall’s true passion is basketball. As a starter for his middle school team as well as the Amateur Athletic Union, Kendall follows a simple philosophy: “In my life, I say ‘Basketball never stops.’ Well, neither does diabetes!” He is thankful […]

2013 Delegates from Nevada



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 12 Grant discusses his goals in his own words, but his sentiments are shared by everyone at Children’s Congress. “I hope to help more people be aware of type 1 diabetes. I want to show people how hard it is living with type 1 diabetes. I also want to […]



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 Though Matthew has learned to manage his T1D, he still worries about others—especially his young cousins, who, thankfully, don’t currently have the disease. “A cure for T1D is important to me, because I don’t think anybody should have to give themselves shots to stay alive. I have two […]



Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 6 Reed wants to rewrite the story of T1D—literally. As an aspiring author, Reed blogs about the highs and lows of both blood-sugar levels and life as a teen with T1D. She is also the president of her JDRF chapter’s Youth Ambassadors program, which gives her the opportunity to […]