2019 Delegates from Louisiana



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Between baseball, football and basketball, Blake always stays active. On top of his many sports, he stays active with JDRF advocating for the T1D community. After being diagnosed with T1D in 2012, Blake started a JDRF One Walk team, Team Blake, with his friends and family, in the […]



Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 16 Carson is an accomplished athlete who began playing baseball at age six. Now, he plays baseball on his high school varsity team as well as a travel team during the summer. He is also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending his time fishing and hunting. When not playing […]


Mia Grace

Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Mia Grace is a competitive year-round swimmer, participating with both her local swim club and her school’s varsity swim team. When she’s not in the water, Mia Grace spends her time making sandwiches for the homeless, writing thank you cards to military service members and working at a […]

2017 Delegates from Louisiana



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 2 Like son, like father? That’s right. Rory was a six-year-old living with T1D when his father, Rhett, was diagnosed as well. Since then, they have fought T1D together, adapting to using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) together, and then learning how to use insulin pumps to manage their disease. […]

2015 Delegates from Louisiana



Age: 11 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Lydia has high hopes for the future. “Right now, my future is exciting!” she says. She wants to become a preschool teacher someday. In the meantime, she loves performing in dance recitals, twirling her baton, writing, reading and practicing gymnastics. When it comes to T1D, she says, spreading […]



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 6 Despite T1D’s obstacles, Max says he’s thankful. “I feel very lucky that I get wonderful care from my doctors, and I believe that every day we are closer to finding a cure or at least finding better things to help me deal with my disease.” Max holds bake […]

2013 Delegates from Louisiana



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 2 Bryan has soared above many challenges. After his diagnosis with T1D at age two, Bryan’s mother, who was deaf, couldn’t manage his disease. As his father had died from diabetes, Bryan was left without family to care for him. After five years in foster care, Bryan was adopted […]



Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 12 Henry knows the timeline of his T1D by heart. Two months before his 13th birthday, he received his diagnosis. Within three months, he was participating in clinical trials. Today, Henry is an advocate for T1D research. “I hate that more and more people have to endure the same […]