2019 Delegates from Kentucky



Age: 11 Age at T1D diagnosis: 7 Macy is an avid softball player, she currently plays for one of the top softball programs in the country, playing in tournaments nationwide. Someday, she wants to be the first Olympic softball player with T1D. Since she was diagnosed with T1D at age seven, Macy and her family […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 5 Noah, the oldest of four kids, is a great big brother and an excellent role model. He loves all sports, especially lacrosse and football, and enjoys fishing, reading and hanging out with his friends. He is also an A student in advanced classes. When Noah was diagnosed with […]



Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 13   Riley is a member of her school’s field hockey and crew teams, and also enjoys singing and acting in her school’s theatre class and club. This past summer, she spent three weeks in Tanzania climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and has a goal of becoming a pediatric endocrinologist so […]

2017 Delegates from Kentucky



Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 Christopher enjoys playing football, running track and competing with his high school weightlifting team. He wants to study criminal justice in college and become a police officer or member of the military. Diabetes brings a lot of ups and downs to Christopher’s life. He explains, “We have our […]



Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Joey is proud to be ranked as one of the top ten tennis players in his age range in Kentucky. His father also has T1D and Joey says, “He has taught me that I can be anything I want to be and that T1D doesn’t have to take […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Trista is a true mix of a country girl and a city girl. She enjoys cheerleading, hunting, kickball and camping. When she grows up she wants to become an elementary school teacher. Trista spreads awareness about T1D on social media, at her local TV station, and through other […]

2015 Delegates from Kentucky


Joseph Drake

Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 6 Balancing T1D can be difficult at any age, but especially for a busy teenager. Just ask Drake, who is captain of a top JDRF fundraising team (Drake’s Diabetes Destroyers), a homecoming prince, a National Honor Society and archery team member and more. “Type 1 is a continued juggling […]



Age: 8 Age at T1D diagnosis: 3 Marina isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she does know that she wants to make a difference in other people’s lives. Yet she’s already done just that: Marina and her family have appeared on the news talking about their local JDRF Walk, […]


Mary Rose

Age: 15 Age at T1D diagnosis: 12 “Spreading awareness of this disease is key to the discovery of a cure,” says Mary. She witnessed the power of awareness in action after she recruited her field hockey teammates for her JDRF Walk. “With 22 teammates walking alongside me, I saw firsthand how spreading awareness to others […]

2013 Delegates from Kentucky



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 12 Deven is a girl of many talents. When she’s not playing the flute, singing in chorus, drawing, or spiking a volleyball, she is working with her twin sister, Jaden, on the many fundraising events they put together to benefit JDRF. After Jaden was diagnosed with T1D nine years […]



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 7 Jack, an accomplished Eagle Scout, hasn’t stopped since receiving his T1D diagnosis. He has hiked Arches National Park, gone whitewater rafting on the New River Gorge, and traveled from coast to coast. “I wasn’t going to let this disease stop me from going ziplining 30 miles per hour […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 Jaden knows a lot about T1D research. She dedicated herself to learning as much as she would about it in hopes that it could prevent her twin sister, Deven, and their brother from developing the disease. When Deven was diagnosed with T1D this spring, Jaden became more determined […]