2019 Delegates from Kansas



Age: 11 Age at T1D diagnosis: 2 When Garrett was just shy of two years old, he was diagnosed with T1D. In the nine years since diagnosis, Garrett has become an exceptionally strong advocate for T1D research—from raising over $200,000 for JDRF, to being an ambassador at JDRF One Walks and Galas and starring in […]



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 2 Kalli is a talented dancer who travels around the country participating in competitions as a member of a competitive dance team at Styles Dance Centre. She also enjoys working at a gymnastics studio where she helps kids learn new skills and develop their inner strength. Kalli knows a […]

2017 Delegates from Kansas



Age: 6 Age at T1D diagnosis: 1 Aspiring pro baseball player Caden is stepping up to the plate against T1D. Although he’s only six years old, Caden is a veteran of the Kansas City Chapter’s JDRF One Walk event, and was a guest speaker along with his mother and older brother at a local business’ […]



Age: 9 Age at T1D diagnosis: 3 Keigan’s family left their home on December 1, 2011, heading to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday. Instead, they found themselves at the local hospital where three-year-old Keigan was diagnosed with T1D. Ever since, his family has worked tirelessly to advance T1D awareness and raise money for T1D research. […]


Mary Clare

Age: 17 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Mary Clare is a very active high school junior who is involved with student council, cross country, debate and lacrosse. She looks up to her mentor and friend Charlie Kimball, the first IndyCar driver with T1D to win races. She explains, “He inspired me to never let diabetes […]

2015 Delegates from Kansas



Age: 14 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 At just 4 years old, Sierra decided to stop eating once she realized that her meals went hand in hand with getting those dreaded insulin shots. But after she got her first insulin pump at age 5, life changed. “I learned about it quickly and today I can […]

2013 Delegates from Kansas



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 5 At 12 years old, Anna is already a seasoned veteran of the Washington, D.C., scene. She and her family have discussed T1D with politicians including former Senator Sam Brownback, Representative Lynn Jenkins, and Representative Kevin Yoder. Yet her work is only just beginning. At Children’s Congress, she plans […]