2019 Delegates from Arkansas


Jack Walker

Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 2 Jack Walker loves being outdoors, spending his time hunting, hiking and mowing the lawn. Jack Walker also enjoys drawing, writing, and learning about history, as well as reading reference books, survival guides, the atlas and dictionaries. He also spends a lot of time volunteering with his local JDRF […]



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 4 Kasey is always standing up for the rights of others, and plans to pursue a career in human or animal rights someday. Kasey has overcome a lot of challenges, including managing her T1D while living away from her parents at such a young age. She attends a prestigious […]



Age: 11 Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 months Makenzie shines onstage as a talented actor, singer, hip hop dancer and videographer. She enjoys performing in her school plays and with her community theater group, and she was selected to sing with the Junior High Honor Choir, even though she was only in fifth grade. When […]



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Since Zane was diagnosed with T1D at age eight, he and his family have been an unstoppable force for the T1D community. In the last eight years, he has done more to fight for the T1D community than most people do their entire lives. Zane is taking his […]

2017 Delegates from Arkansas



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 Garner plays football, baseball and basketball—and he tries not to let T1D slow him down. He takes part in JDRF One Walk, serves as a JDRF Youth Ambassador, and has been a speaker at Galas for JDRF and the ADA. He says, “The JDRF staff and the other […]



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 8 Kathlyn is a straight-A student and a member of a competitive dance team. She also serves as a JDRF Youth Ambassador, and organized a JDRF One Walk team that raised nearly $5,000 for T1D research this year. An avid painter, Kathlyn’s artwork appears on posters to promote National […]

2015 Delegates from Arkansas



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 10 Stretching boundaries comes easily for Austin, a competitive cyclist who rides hundreds of miles each week. “I push myself to limits not just for me, but for all of those living with type 1 diabetes,” he explains. “Cycling has given me a chance to own my disease and […]



Age: 13 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 “I absolutely love getting to promote type 1 diabetes in my community,” shares Isabella. A three–time recipient of the prestigious JDRF Walk Golden Sneaker award, Isabella has proudly promoted T1D awareness on the radio, in her local newspaper, and on the news. She’s also volunteered at a JDRF […]

2013 Delegates from Arkansas



Age: 12 Age at T1D diagnosis: 7 Jonathan understands how closely funding research and finding a cure are intertwined. “We need to find a way to prevent type 1 diabetes so that my kids don’t have to get it. We cannot prevent type 1 diabetes until we know what causes it.” As a JDRF ambassador, […]



Age: 16 Age at T1D diagnosis: 9 JDRF has taken Miles to new heights. After a JDRF rock-climbing event, Miles began climbing competitively, and even earned a high ranking in a national event. But an even greater bonus for Miles has been meeting a community of other kids with T1D. “Through JDRF, I have made […]