CC11 Tips and Feedback from Facebook Users

I wanted to share some feedback we got from JDRF advocates who submitted their CC11 application via Facebook, see below.

Login today to Facebook and submit an application using the CC app or you can submit one via the CC11 website.


  • Steven from Texas said, ‘It was easy to navigate, but I wasn't anticipating the letter to the congressperson. The submission site did not have an option to save my progress and return at a later time, so I had to quickly draft the letter with the application window still open’. NOTE: Write your letter first and save it so you can upload it to the CC11 applications.
  • Kseniya of Oregon notes, ‘Process was really easy to follow, but I guess I wasn't quite ready and didn't realize that I need a child's photo and an short essay ahead of time.’ Again, write your letter and have your picture ready ahead of time so you can quickly submit your application!
  • Another one from Kentucky, from Ashley who notes, ‘Yes. (referring to if she found the process easy to navigate) The only issues were as follows: 1, we had trouble printing the sections to read for editing purposes. 2, we were unable to save the application without submitting, therefore had to redo the entire section again when we returned on a later day.’ Ashley is right, unfortunately, the CC11 application on FB does not allow you to save your information and return at a later time. However, if you have your letter and photo ready to upload then the application process should take no more than 30 minutes. 



  • Stefanie from California notes, ‘It was very easy to navigate. I like that when you go back, it still saves all the information into the form. The only thing i could think of to add is a save button, but not sure that is relevant in FB!’
  • Lisa from Arkansas said, ‘The application process was very easy.  I was able to do everything from my computer: upload a picture, write and submit my letter to my congressman:  EVERYTHING.  It could not have been an easier process.
  • A great family activity according to Amy from Kentucky, ‘Applying to Children's Congress was a breeze!  I sat with my son, Max, who is ten, but he was able to do it all himself.  I have a feeling my 3 yr. old daughter could have followed it (if only she could read the "big" words).’
  • Charles from Indian also thought that it was great bonding time with his son and said, ‘The process was very easy to navigate, uploads were easy and my son and I enjoyed the process.’


Hasan Shah
CC11 Support Staff &
JDRFers since August ‘06

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