Tips on Applying to Children's Congress Contest on FB

Our team wanted to share some tips with you about preparing your application for the Children's Congress Contest on Facebook. Below we provide some things you should prepare or know before you apply to the 2011 Children's Congress (CC11).



  • Make sure you have a digital passport quality photo that you can upload for the CC11 application on Facebok.
  • Write a letter to your Member of Congress explaining why it's important to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. (Tomorrow I’ll give tips on what to include in your letter!)
  • Know who your Member of Congress is, click this link to find out who yours is,
If you have questions, leave me a comment below. Thanks and stay tuned for tips on what to include in your letter!
Hasan Shah
CC Support Staff &
JDRF-er since August ‘06 

4 thoughts on “Tips on Applying to Children's Congress Contest on FB

  1. Some others from one who was once there: (if I may)
    1) Let your child write their own letter (unless they are too small) Perfection is not the goal; a true message is! Sometimes the most simple letter from a child, directly from their heart, closes the deal on the Hill!
    2) Remember the letter is not to ask to be selected — it is to speak to your Congressmen about the need to fund diabetes research and your life with diabetes.
    3) Please explain to your child that thousands apply and as wonderful as they are, they may not get selected. But their letters will do go no matter what!

  2. We uploaded and picture on our son’s app. and then continued on, thinking
    we would be able to crop it a bit once it was uploaded. Obviously we
    couldn’t and were not able then to delete and use another picture.
    Hence, the picture is several feet away instead of a close up. Is there
    … anything we can do about that or is it okay?Thanks

  3. @ DJ, it shouldn’t be an issue. if necessary, we’ll follow up with you to get a better picture.
    @ Moira, thanks so much for sharing your insight… those are some great points!

  4. My daughter did promise to remember me last august. Should she still send a letter? Of course she could thank him again and tell him she is applying to this program. Thanks for your input

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