CC11 on FB Picking up Momentum!

Not even 24 hours have passed and we already have nearly 30 applicants for the 2011 Children’s Congress (CC11) who submitted their application via Facebook. I thought I should share this bit of information in case it helps in getting you to apply to CC11.

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 5, we’re going to post a discussion topic at the JDRF Advocacy Facebook page to address any concerns and questions regarding the CC11 application on Facebook. Click on the ‘Discussion’ tab and then look for the topic ‘CC11 on Facebook’. In the discussion topic we’ll also share some tips on what you’ll need to do to apply to CC11.

If you missed it, check out yesterday’s CC blog post! The CC11 application on Facebook has a contest tied to it, to find out more, read the post!

Hasan Shah
CC Support Staff &
JDRF-er since August ‘06

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