CC, A Blast in the Past!

Congratulations again on your selection to Children's Congress. Children's Congress is a special experience and one that my daughter, Holland, and I are extremely proud to have been a part of. As a delegate from New York in 2005 and then as Chair Family in 2007, Holland and I have seen firsthand the impact of Children's Congress both on the delegates and on the nation. Children's Congress delegates are the most persuasive advocates in JDRF's fight for a cure for type 1 diabetes and our impact can be seen in some of the organization's important legislative successes.
In the past decade, Children's Congress delegates have worked with Congress to renew the Special Diabetes Program (SDP) five separate times to secure a total of $1.6 billion. This research funding has major impact on all of our lives and on technologies for diabetes management such as the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).

It is an exciting time to be in Washington, DC and Children's Congress is an incredible opportunity to put a face on type 1 diabetes and to share how your life has been impacted by the disease. You amazing 2009 delegates will demonstrate the importance of government funded research on diabetes and why a cure is so desperately needed.
In this the 10th year of Children's Congress, we need your efforts now more than ever.  Get to know your fellow delegates and get involved now rather than waiting for your trip to DC. The Children's Congress Delegate Forum and the Tell Your Story site are two of the many resources that will allow you to communicate with other delegates and share your story of living with diabetes. Holland and I will never forget our experience meeting delegates from around the country and sharing our story with Members of Congress. I am so proud to have been a part of such an amazing group.  We thank you for your hard work and for working with us in our fight for a cure.

Pam Edmonds
CC07 Chairmom

Holland Edmonds
CC07 Chairkid

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