Kaitlin Webb: Making heads turn

Recently I was in my local newspaper telling about my struggles with diabetes and what exactly I would be doing in Washington D.C. I will also be doing a follow up on the JDRF walk my team participated in on May 5th. I was really grateful and excited to let people know what I have to go through everyday. I am glad that I was chosen to get my voice heard.

I was also recently on the morning announcements over the intercom at my school.  They said that I was one of 150 young people chosen from over a thousand applicants from all over the United States and how I get to go to Washington D.C.  When they said my name I was sitting in the back of the classroom and every single head turned to look at me and I had no idea that I was going to be on the announcements so it was just as big of a surprise to me as it was to them. I got a lot of questions the rest of the day from students who heard it.

I also did a PSA at the end of May with another delegate from my state.