Jennifer Stepaniak: The Greatest Gift

I'm convinced that in my lifetime there will be a cure.

Diabetes is such a big part of my life that my daily routine wouldn't be normal to me anymore if I didn't have to test my blood sugars or wear an insulin pump 24/7.  I can't remember the last time I drank a non-diet soda or juice for the heck of it.  I can't even remember what a non-diet soda tastes like.  A cure would take away all the worries that come with the disease.  I wouldn't have to worry about not waking up the next morning, making sure I have enough sugar with me when I go somewhere, or stopping what I am doing to test my blood sugars.  A cure would be the greatest gift I could receive in my life.   

I am beyond excited to go to Washington to meet other kids who are as adamant about fighting for a cure as I am.  Raising money for JDRF and advocating is a huge part of my life for helping to find a cure, but Washington is going to be such a step up from what I do now.  I'm convinced it's going to have to help.  I cannot wait for all of our voices to be heard.  Everyone's story in itself is reason enough to do all we can to find a cure.  Getting the word out in Washington is what I hope will help make the difference and make the cure possible in my lifetime.  I will never give up, and going to Washington is one of those things that is keeping me positive. 

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