Joseph Bailey: What A Cure Would Mean To Me

I was very little when I was diagnosed (17 months), so I really don’t remember a time without diabetes.  I don’t know what I would be like!   Here’s what I imagine …

Getting ready for school and NOT checking my blood sugar OR putting up with my pump.  NOT worrying about how much I ate and how many carbohydrates were in my cereal.  NOT going to the nurse 2-3 times a day.  NOT having my mom on EVERY field trip.  NOT worrying about complications like losing my eyesight, kidney function, or limbs.  My mom and dad NOT worrying about me ALL the time or checking my blood sugar in the middle of the night.  To me it would mean a life with out insulin, counting carbohydrates, and being constantly aware of my body. Finding a cure for diabetes, would mean my grandfather, my dad, and me would be free from taking insulin!  Wouldn’t that be GREAT! 

I want to talk to my Congressmen about my life with diabetes and how it affects my whole family.  I want to tell them that even though I look healthy on the outside, I have a war inside of me.  I want them to understand the complications and what is in my future if there is no cure for diabetes. 

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