Jack Eckstrom: A Poem

“What would a cure mean for you in terms of your daily life?”

No more finger sticks,
No more highs.
No more injections,
No more cries. 

No more co-payments,
Or insurance fights.
No more worrying,
Or sleepless nights. 

No more bruises on a little boy’s thighs.
No more shoulder shrugs to the many “why’s?” 
An extra piece of cake
With a huge scoop of ice cream.
Without that extra shot
That makes us want to scream! 

A day without diabetes
Would mean a new me.
To not be tied to insulin
Would make me feel FREE. 

I hope when we come to Washington the lawmakers will take a moment to look at us, to empathize with us, to realize that a cure is attainable. 

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