Kaitlin Webb, 15, WA – My Friends Inspire Me

Since I was diagnosed with type 1, my relationships with my friends/family haven't changed. All of my friends love me for who I am not because I have diabetes. One friend that really stands out for me is Ellen. I have known her for 15 years. She helps me so much to get through what I have to do. When I was diagnosed none of my friends knew that I was in the hospital because my mom didn't think of calling anyone because we were both still in shock. Ellen was going around and handing out her birthday party invitations to all of our friends. My diagnosis was around the time of her birthday and I wasn't able to go to it because I was still in the hospital. It was the first birthday party of hers I missed since our friendship began. You can imagine how upset I was. She went to my house and my brother's friend told her that I was in the hospital.

She and her mom drove to Children's Hospital in Seattle. When they arrived in my room I will never forget the look on my best friend's face. She looked so sad it made me want to cry. She told me later that I looked so skinny and that she was scared she would break me. This coming from a girl who isn't five feet tall and weighs about 85 pounds. I knew from then on that she would help me and she has. She always reminds me to check my blood sugar and makes sure I have eaten enough carbs. She inspires me everyday to do my best and to stay healthy. On Saturday she will be right by my side, walking for a cure, like she always does. I know that with my best friend Ellen I can conqueror the world around me. Cause that's what we are: Kentwood Conquerors.

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